A Species Set on Endless Growth is Unsustainable

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Mine Kafon by Massoud Hassani

Hassani, a product designer from Afganistan, build (by hand) a wind-powered device that trips land mines as it rolls across the ground. It is made using bamboo and biodegradable products.

Many of these mines are active and near populated areas in countries like Afganistan and are hard to remove. The UN says that one mine clearance specialist is killed, and two injured, for every 5,000 mines cleared.

Hassani’s cheap and easy to make method has been achieving great results.


In a world of overcomplicated solutions, we need more people who think “Wait, why don’t we just roll a giant freaking ball over it?”

this guy made a katamari for landmines

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 no you don’t understand how much i am here for this mentorship because skye is like little may according to coulson so the idea of skye needing to toughen up more to thrive in SHIELD and may needing to soften up and find her innocence again is just everything to me the idea that skye could awaken that light playful side in May and remind her of herself and the idea that may could help Skye protect herself properly and guide her is just so important because of it being mutually beneficial women supporting other women is EVERYTHING to me and that they are both WOC gives me life i am so here for that (via dealanexmachina) 

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kevin feige:
believe me, i'd like for black panther and captain marvel to get movies, really i would
kevin feige:
but what can i do
kevin feige:
i'm just the marvel studios president of production